U.S vs Middle East

Why is the United States battling God’s sacred cities? You ever think the wars were made up to make God’s people look evil? Yes, Egypt is where God’s most sacred places reside. Bethlehem a Palestinian town which is Christ birth place. Jerusalem in Israel where Christ was recognized for His preaching. Nazareth located in northern Israel was Jesus’ hometown. Therefore, you ever wonder why wars were really started? I understand they are trying to fight for supplies but only if all of God’s children would come together. There would be no need for violence if the people knew how to communicate with each other. But one day the Lord will Rescue His people again. “6 The Lord Almighty will rescue you with violent thunderstorms and earthquakes. He will send windstorms and raging fire; 7 then all the armies of the nations attacking the city of God’s altar, all their weapons and equipment everything will vanish like a dream, like something imagined in the night.” (‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭29:6-7‬ ‭GNT‬‬) America is all a set up, the first people on earth were stolen from some other country. America is the white man’s vision but we need to strive towards our own vision. A white man named Christopher Columbus that stole the land from Native Americans. I don’t know anything about the Middle East but I do know we are All Israelites, the first people in the Bible were in Israel.

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