Hello, my name is Anadelia. I am a Dominican American born in New York. I didn’t grow up knowing Jesus. I come from a family that worships other idols. I grew up having to figure life out by myself because I was all I had. I got bullied by my own family growing up, I didn’t have a father and my mother never had time for me. Before Jesus everything I thought I knew about life was all wrong. I didn’t know there was a Heaven or Hell. I just believed we worked our whole lives and then died and that was it. I was a sinner lost in the world looking for the love that was with me all along. I didn’t know who I was until I found Jesus. Here I am to tell you Jesus can save anybody. Jesus loved me when I couldn’t love myself and He loves you too. We don’t have to be perfect, we just have to give Him our hearts. Embrace your struggles because there is a lesson in every breaking. I’m just a servant, trying to tell people about Jesus: He who can save EVERYBODY.

Only Jesus can save.