Love Me Now…

Don’t wait until I’m gone to love me. Don’t wait until my voice no longer calls your name. Don’t wait until my hands no longer touch your body. Don’t wait until my ears are no longer waiting to hear your voice. Love me while you have me because I can’t guarantee I’ll always be there. “Never boast about tomorrow you dont know what will happen between now and then.” (Proverbs 27:1) We never know when our last breath will be, one day we are here the next day we might not be. For this very reason we have to live everyday like it’s our last.

Tell me you love me while you have a chance. Look into my eyes while they still lay upon yours. Take advantage of my attention because once it fades it’s gone. I’m not the type to hold onto something that has let go of me. If you need me, I’ll be there if God lets me. No matter what you do to me, I can never stop loving me. I’ve learned not to take things personally owing to the fact that everybody lives in their own mind. People can be mad at something totally different but still take it out on you. Some people haven’t healed from past traumas and just carry a whole bunch of anger around like a ticking bomb waiting to explode. Therefore, mainly for these reasons you should just let things be and not get in the ring with others. 

I’m like the leaves on a tree, no matter how hard you try to blow me away, I still sustain. Be careful with me. I’m as sweet as honey but I can sting like a bee. My heart is not cold because of this lonely world. I’m still going to love because I’m walking with Him from above. Be kind to others, be nice, and if you can give the homeless fried rice. No this ain’t a poem, and no this ain’t a rhyme but if you walk with Jesus you can get all of my time. Be humble, God don’t like ugly or flashy. For what good is all your riches and materialistic things if when we die we leave it all behind. “Arrogance will bring your downfall but if you are humble you will be respected.” (Proverbs 29:23)

Love me for me and not for what I could be. If you can’t love me when I’m the seed, when I bloom don’t come near me. Love me at my worst, you know when it starts to hurt. Hold me tight and never let me go. Please stop the disbelief because with what you give me I can make three. Meaning you, me and Him (God). Trust in the Lord because you’re going to need Him. Don’t run or hide, He doesn’t want to play hide and seek. Let it be known you are trying to be seen.

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