I had to go

Have you ever been so hurt that it turns to disappointment? As you know the father of my son and I have been together for 3 years. Our relationship has been on a rocky road for the longest. Months passed by and things got worse until there was no more us. To be honest it all started when He started searching for others even though I was already here. I was pregnant and he cheated on me. I couldn’t move pass the fact that how can you say you love me but hurt me at my most vulnerable moment. You love me but I always came last to you, your friends, the game, etc. 

Therefore, I just had to go. I needed space and a breath of fresh air. I left California and came back to Pennsylvania. I been trying to save this relationship for the longest but why should I? … if I’m the only one genuinely trying. He was trying but it wasn’t really genuine. I can’t help to think that he only felt guilty because he got caught. My mistake was not healing after the hurt he caused when I was pregnant and continuing to keep him around me. Everything he said sounded good but his actions were so incosistent. I took and took until I just couldn’t anymore. The dishonesty and games got too played out.

If I could say one thing it would be “ I wish you could grow up and transition from street life to real life.” But everyone’s walk with the Lord is different. He calls people on His own timing so you’ll know it was Him. Therefore, when there’s nothing else to do all you can do is pray. I wish him the best because why be bitter when I can get better and not block my blessings.

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