It’s all for my good

Wow I definitely learned a life lesson. I have a tendency of picking the wrong dudes. I totally played myself for 3 years. But my biggest blessing came from all this so I wouldn’t change anything. You ever had someone mess with your mind so much that when you get back to reality it’s just disappointing. I’m so disappointed in myself… at the fact that, I definitely could have done better but did not. Oh how bitter sweet the lessons God teaches us. Even greater is the fact that Jesus is always right there with us. Our bad times are His good times because He can make it all alright. “Just ask and you shall receive.” (Matthew 7:7) 

At the end of the day I can’t even be mad. I did this to myself for ignoring the red flags. You can’t change someone that does not want to be changed. God is the only one that can change a person’s heart. I’ve learned to just let go and let things be. I admit it is hard but not impossible to do. Jesus is a way maker and a healer so I am covered. I know my pain will not last forever. It doesn’t hurt as bad as it once did and that’s how I know Jesus is healing me. At the end of every storm a rainbow appears and my rainbow is coming.

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