This is the year of restoration, this CoronaVirus virus did not “just happen”. God decided this world was getting too hectic and it was time to shift things back to Him. “I will punish my people because they have sinned; they have abandoned me, have offered sacrifices to other gods, and have made idols and worshipped them. (Jeremiah 1:16) People were too busy worshiping things like other people, music, sports, rappers, material things, etc, instead of the almighty Lord Jesus. How can we treat the things our creator created better than the creator Himself. However, this is why everything had to happen. He needed to do something very big to get our attention. Now that everything is here, people realize God is the only one that can save us. God is the only one that can heal the planet. Therefore, put your trust in Him and believe He can take this all away and He will.

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