The Youth

What about the children? What about the youth? Humanity has reached its boiling point. I do not condone violence and it’s sad how kids are getting maced and hurt. Something has to change because we have been stuck in the same cycle for years. The youth needs to come up with a better solution for the battles. They do not fear riots and violence,they fear educated African Americans and the minorities that are educated. We have to use our power for good and peace instead of bad and evil. We are the adults and what example are we giving out to our children? It’s not okay that they have to witness this and think this is a way of life. Think about it for years our ancestors have been fighting and protesting but the one thing that never changes is religion. Our faith in God always remains strong because we are God’s strongest resource. However until people repent God will continue to be upset. “Your country has been devastated, and your cities have been burned to the ground.” (Isaiah 1:7) Everything in the Bible is unfolding and Jesus is coming soon. We don’t know when because if we did people would not repent sincerely.

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