Not Looking

At this point I’m not looking for love, I’m letting love find me. After all the countless attempts, I’m letting God take the lead on this one. I’m focusing on God, my son and I. In my opinion I have to make sure I’m walking in God’s will for me. I have to be walking in my destiny before I can focus on love. God wants everyone to be their own person so when two people come together they give 100 and 100. He wants us to be whole so we don’t depend on anybody for anything except Him. Why do you think all these relationships have ended during this epidemic? It’s because there are a lot of broken people trying to love each other instead of finding God first. Too many people are hurting instead of healing. People would rather sit in their pain than to make something powerful out of it. If we would each sit down and analyze everything in our life we will find ourselves. We would find out what we like and don’t like and the standards we will set for others. But it all starts with us individually and I’ve learned to be content by myself. I love myself and nothing can make me happy because I already make myself happy. However, when God is ready to send me my King, He will only add more value to my life. Until then I’ll be patiently living my life and focusing on the Lord without expecting anything.

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