The Bible; Genesis

Written By Moses

Written for God’s chosen people. The Israelites who were in slavery for 400 years and controlled by the Egyptians.

Theme: Creation of the world, The flood, God’s plan of redemption

Genesis means origin.

  • The creation of the world

Adam and Eve

  • First human beings on the earth
  • First Sinners
  • They were sent out of the garden
  • Had Two sons Cain and Abel
    • Cain killed Abel


  • Had three sons
  • The only person the Lord was pleased with and didn’t kill when He flooded the earth
  • Built a boat to save himself , his family and the animals. 


  • A Hebrew,
  • God’s friend was highly favored.
  • Nephew named Lot whom He saved
  • Got kidnapped by four Kings
  • Had many descendants
  • A son named Ishmael who He had with Hagar a slave
  • A son named Isaac whom he had with his wife Sarah
    • Two sons Jacob and Esau


  • Married Rebecca daughter of Bethuel 
  • Sent Jacob away to Mesopotamia to find a wife


  • Struggled against Esau in the womb
  • Esau promised to give him the first born rights
  • Stole his brother’s Esau blessing
    • Dressed up as Esau and tricked Isaac into blessing him.
  • Worked fourteen years for Laban to marry Rachel
  • Laban tricked him into sleeping with Rachel’s sister Leah
  • Loved Rachel more than Leah
  • Ran away from Laban
  • Had twelve sons
  • Built an altar to the Lord in Bethel
  • His new name was Israel


  • His brothers hated him
    • They plotted to kill him and throw Him in a pit
  • was a servant and his master left him in charge of all his things (property, etc.)
  • Interprets a prisoners dream
  • Interprets the King’s dream
  • Endured 13 years of suffering/ was a slave
  • Became the second most powerful person of His time in Egypt
  • Brang his brothers to repentance
  • Saved the people of Egypt and Canaan from a famine with His food
  • His father Jacob blessed His two sons Ephraim and Manasseh

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