The Generations After Me

Everything we are going through now has been going on since way before our time. Our ancestors have been trying to break generational curses. But after all the countless attempts my ancestors have not been able to succeed physically. I say physically because even though nothing has changed I know all their prayers are still covering me. However, I believe my ancestors prayers are still going to be answered by God. It might not have been through them but I’m here to finally do what my ancestors couldn’t. I’m here to break the generational curse and traumas.

For all the pain my ancestors endured, broken relationships, abuse, poverty, slander, etc. Nobody in my family has ever married officially through church. None of my cousins and I had our real fathers in our lives. Most of the women in my family have a bunch of babies by different fathers. Some of my family members worship other idols instead of God. My family’s main form of discipline is cursing and abuse. They are very money oriented and will mistreat each other for money. There are many things that just keep on being passed down from generation to generation. 

It all starts and stops with me. I’m putting an end to all these stereotypes that have defined my family. I’m starting something new so the generations after me will have a foundation. I want the generations after me to have a foundation to build on not one to start on like me. My ancestors didn’t do it right because they didn’t walk with God. When God gets through with helping me with my legacy the generations after me will know who Jesus is. My number one goal is to bring God into my family the right way. We are all descendants of Abraham and God will keep His covenant with us as with Him.

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