Helping Others

Are you stuck in survival mode or are you helping others along your journey? You can not expect God to bless you if you are not a blessing to others. Therefore, whenever you ask God to bless you ask Him to use you as a blessing to others. If you think you don’t have anything, don’t forget there are homeless people. You might not have a lot of money or everything you want but God wakes you up every day. Everyday is a new opportunity to be a better you. However, you can not be a better you if you’re only thinking of yourself. Before the blessings can come to you they have to flow through you. And when you do something for someone else, keep it to yourself. Better to help and let God be your only witness than to help and tell the world for likes. Whatever you do for others, do it because you want to not because you expect something in return. If you ever get the opportunity to help someone who has hurt you or treated you bad then do it. Why? You can measure your own strength by how high you rise above the hate. Also, God will be very pleased with you because you have learned to forgive.

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