What is your foundation built on?

Are you building your foundation in God? Are you building your foundation in the world? Are you building your foundation by yourself? Any foundation built in God will be a solid and stable foundation. You will never go without anything because God will supply all of your needs. Your emotions won’t get triggered and you’ll be able to handle the world. Despite the tribulations that may come because of your foundation you know things will be okay. The enemy can’t get to you because God will protect your mind and heart.

However, any foundation built on anything other than God will be shaky and unstable. Your emotions will be all over the place. You will not be walking in your destiny because you wouldn’t know what God would want you to do. It would be easier for the enemy to attack you because you’re not guarding your mind with God’s words. You’ll probably live your life for the world, pleasing others, or doing evil. When my foundation was built solely on my strength, I was very unstable. I couldn’t really control my emotions and if you hurt my feelings I would sometimes say hurtful things.

Now that my foundation is built on my Father I feel very confident in myself again. Once you learn how to control your emotions, you become a very powerful individual. I don’t think I’m better than anyone, I just remembered my worth. I’m no longer living for others or putting anybody or anything other than God before me. My needs come first and if I don’t do it for myself first, nobody else will. There’s no point in stressing because stress literally kills. Don’t wait for anybody to come and save you, save yourself with the help of my brother Jesus.

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