A Letter to the New Me;

Hey girl hey, always know that you are beautiful. It took you a- while to find yourself but everything was worth it. You are so strong and have such great influence. I love how you always persevere and never give up. Everything that was meant for your bad, God turned for your good. I’m so happy you found Jesus because He always knew you. You’ve grown into an amazing woman. I’m proud of you. You’ve accomplished things nobody around you ever has. You’re a phenomenal servant, mother, wife, sister, cousin, etc. Always remember to stay true to yourself and don’t let the world change you.

When you are feeling dark remember God is our light. Jesus is a way maker, miracle worker, healer, etc. just rest upon the promises He has made to your life. There will only be one person like you and you’re already it. You’re unstoppable and will be the #1 motivational speaker. Even though the road is very turbulent, remember to always keep God front and center in everything you do. Don’t worry about the world because God is the source. Everything comes from God and He picks the person or thing that is going to bless you. I love you girl, always keep your head up and keep striving to be the very best you.

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