Death is Not the End

August is a hard month because the two people who loved me the most in my family died this month. My grandpa William and my Aunt Erika were the sweetest most caring people I knew. My grandpa died on August 26, 2017 they had to unplug him from his coma due to a stroke. Nobody knows what really happened one moment he was good, the next he wasn’t. My aunt Erika died on August 29, 2013 due to some cosmetic procedures she went through. She was perfect just the way she was, whoever made her believe otherwise wasn’t worth her time.

The crazy part was that my grandpa took on a role he didn’t have to because he was not my biological grandfather. For that I thank him so much, he was my first father figure in human form. I remember he always provided for me in the Dominican Republic when I was the only one there without my mom. He always treated me like a princess and because of him I know good men exist. My aunty was an amazing woman, she was the first woman I ever looked up to. I remember every time I was with her she would always send me to the store; a Coca Cola soda and snickers was her favorite. Every time I went to the Dominican Republic it was because of my aunty, she made things better. Ever since she left this world I haven’t returned to the Dominican Republic… it just was not the same anymore. When my whole family would bully me, these two were always there for me. They were the only two people I respected in my family. Ever since you guys have been gone the family has only been getting worse.

Aww how much I miss them. But I refuse to remember them with sorrow. They had smiles that would brighten up your day. I know they are way happier up there with God. God is protecting them and caring for them the way they needed to be taken care of when they were on this earth. They are finally at peace and don’t have to take on the problems of the world. My grandpa no longer has to carry the whole family on his shoulders and my aunty is getting the respect she deserves. It was hard for them down here, they had to deal with a lot of unnecessary things. I’m not remembering their deaths as something bad instead I’m taking it as a beautiful transition from hell (this world) to God’s magnificent kingdom. They are up there with Jesus and I know they are not missing anything. My two guardian angels have way more power now than when they were on this earth. For a fact I know they are with me whenever I go and that they are watching over me. This isn’t a goodbye… instead it’s a see you later, until we meet again. Death is a better life for those who have served their purpose on this earth. I love you both.

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