The Righteous will PREVAIL!

The righteous get what they want, but the wicked will get what they fear most (Proverbs 10:24 GNT) To be righteous means that you do good to others and obey God’s rules. God is always protecting and covering the righteous with the blood of Jesus. So if you’re a righteous person and you feel oppressed, don’t worry God is coming to the rescue. He will deliver the righteous from their enemies and the bad will fall upon the wicked. The righteous get what is in their hearts desire because they make God proud.The righteous will always get their justice because God will always fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. However, if you are wicked don’t expect anything good from Jesus. God doesn’t like ugly and you cannot just go around hurting others and expect to live a happy life.

The wicked people only bring destruction upon themselves because they disobey my Father. “Wicked people do not gain anything, but if you do what is right you are certain to be rewarded” (Proverbs 11:18 GNT) For God doesn’t measure you by your past but for what you do in the present moment. A wicked person can turn righteous and a righteous person can turn wicked. You don’t have to be perfect or do everything right because your intentions are what matters. The cause as to why you do things will determine your righteousness . Do you do things out of your heart and love for others? Or do you do things in exchange for things in return or with hidden agendas? If you want God to bless you make sure you have a good heart, remember God already knows so don’t bother lying. Be true to Him and yourself.

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