The Poor and Rich

The rich and the poor have this in common; God made them both. (Proverbs 22:2) Social classes were created to create division amongst the people. The only difference that makes someone poor or rich is the amount of money they have. A poor person can turn rich and a rich person can turn poor. Don’t ever think you are better than someone because you have more money than them. Christ will humble you real quick because just as He gave it to you, best believe He will take it away. Most people get rich and forget where they came from. This is why you see that many celebrities don’t last in fame. God helped them get it then they turned their backs on Him and started acting like they did it all on their own.

God doesn’t like ugly and this world is very ugly. Did you know everybody in this world can have land, a roof over their heads and food? But this world is so greedy and does not know the meaning of being kind to others. Did you know that if we all helped each other homelessness wouldn’t be an issue or hunger? Ah but see people rather see the next person struggle and as long as it is not them they are fine with that. Nothing really surprises me anymore. This is the devils world and you can see it through the things people do. I don’t understand why if people have resources and power they are not willing to help the next person get up. In reality the poor are actually more rich than those that have money. The poor are rich in God and are genuinely happy. 

Meanwhile the rich have everything they could ever want and are still unsatisfied. That void they feel is their spirits yearning for the Lord… money can’t buy that and neither can drugs. No matter how much drugs or money you use to “ease” the void, it will never feel fulfilled. When you get what you prayed for don’t ever forget who made it happen. In Christ ALL things are possible because we have His strength. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) Besides what do materialistic things do for you when you die? You can’t take all these things with you. We are born with nothing and nothing we will take when we leave this earth. God doesn’t measure you by how poor or rich you are. God looks at the heart.

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