Think About It

I’m sitting here wondering how Yahweh came up with all these beautiful things… from stars to planets, flowers to plants, the different types of animals and more. You ever thought how did He know to call the wet area an ocean and the dry part land? How did He know to make some animals wild and others domesticated? What about a snowflake and all its details? How did He know to make clouds for rain, the sun for light and the moon for night? How did He know how to name these things? What about human creation? How did He know to make us all different in the physical? Different looks, hair, race, etc? This goes to show us how detailed and amazing our God is. We serve a God who is omnipotent; he’s everywhere and sees it all at the same time.

Think about it, if He can put all this thought into creation why wouldn’t He care about our salvation? I’m so fascinated and I’m in awe of all this. Did you ever stop and think He created all this for us? So we can never lack anything? He literally supplied us with food, water, oxygen and so much more. Think about all the other things we have yet to discover that He has created. All the different places around the world with different cultures. All the different food and languages. All the unseen creatures in the ocean. What if there is life on other planets? Have you ever thought if there are other planets? What if earth is the only planet? We are always one decision away from a totally different lifestyle. There’s so much to discover and we won’t ever have all the time to see it all.

However, you may not be able to do all you find out but you should find out all you can do. Did you know we have so many gifts and talents inside of us that we have yet to discover? How do you think we have so many inventions? Every invention came from a person and that idea was given to them by Yahweh. Now if some use their gift for bad that is their own personal choice. Everybody has their own free will and Yahweh will never try to force anyone to do His will. He may direct your path in a way that you surrender but some still choose to never change despite the hardships they face. So how are you going to live your life? Are you ready to start living or are you just going to watch life pass you by? Don’t you want to see the world? Don’t you want to see what imprint you can leave on this world?

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