Life is about Taking Risks

Are you the type of person that gets out of bed in the morning wondering what is going to happen? Or Are you the type of person that gets out of bed in the morning to make things happen?

You have to take chances in order to succeed in life… If you do not take chances you will not have the life God has for you. Fear and worry will take over your life and you will get too comfortable. Once you start getting comfortable things never change. You’ll find yourself stuck in the same place day after day, with the same old routine. Until, one day you realize that time is just passing you by and you’re still not doing anything that fulfills you within. By this I mean you’re not working on your gift. We all were given our own gifts, so that we can use it to help others. You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to be successful. This is a different type of success you want to achieve, one that feels wholesome and fulfilling.

Taking a chance means having a leap of faith. It’s believing that no matter whether the outcome is good or bad, it is still worth the effort. Everyone is going to fail and suck at something at one point. It’s just up to you to not give up on yourself, nevertheless always give it your best. If you get knocked down 6 times get up and keep going because the 7th time might be your breakthrough. If you never failed at anything you know you always played it safe and never acted on anything. Get out there and give it everything you’ve got, it’s your power to create the lifestyle you want in this given life.

Nevertheless, always stay prayed up and keep God with you at all times. He is the almighty and can help anybody at any given time because he’s always listening to his children. Don’t ever lose sight of his magnificent power, nothing is too big or too small for him. For, He will always bless us with grace but everything is done on his time not ours. If you do lose sight of Him it will be way easier for the devil to maneuver and alter the steps in your life. Always remember if you’re not walking with my Lord, you’re walking with beelzebub… I don’t know about you, but I know I don’t want to live a life full of fear, anxiety, depression, anger, hate, and etc. I rather have a peaceful, loving and graceful life.

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