Trials and Turbulence

Isn’t it beautiful how our creator knows us so well… our every step and our every thought. For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. (Psalm 13:3) Life is beautiful yet sometimes it’s like opening a door just to find a wall on the other side. The world is going to try its best to stop you, don’t give in and give the devil your power. Knock that wall down because the Glory is on the other side. Whatever makes you feel uneasy doesn’t come from my God, but whatever brings you peace does. For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)

It is true what they say hurt people hurt people. Although, everything is either a lesson or a blessing. The obstacle in life only make you stronger, it just depends on what light you choose to see it in. I am a sinner and although my body will die for my sins, my soul will be saved and I’ll finally get to see my father and his people. I will not let my pain define me. I refuse to ever see a temporary situation in a permanent light, as my God forever reigns. Every person you’ve ever met and every thing you’ve ever done was meant for your life. All the good and bad things that happen to us in chronological order, in the 365 days we have every year, occur for a reason. We might be clueless as to what those reasons may be but our Lord knows what’s ahead of us before we do.

Jesus warned us that in the world we will encounter trials and turbulences. At one point, I realized I was fighting two battles within myself. I failed to see, I just needed to let one reign over me so I can fight the wrong one. My God lets it rain on us to test us and see if we would leave his side. No matter what the outcome is God has a plan, the blessings will always flow. It’s all so simple now… it’s not our problems to carry, all we have to do is confide in him. He already knows those whom are going to pursue or persecute Him. The thing about my God is that despite it all He just wants his Will and the Gospel to be spread. Have you noticed the joy and happiness in a baby’s face when he gets a bottle?… For a fact, that’s how my Father feels when he sees us, his children praise Him, His son, and the Holy Spirit.

I’ve lost it all over and over again, things change but My God remains the same. I felt angry, anxious, and afraid all the time. God’s Grace now oppresses those feelings away from me and brings peace. He did not create me to worry or fear. He created me to praise Him and to trust Him. The people in this world as a whole might not be perfect but whoever walks with Him individually will see how beautiful His glory is. He gives life a whole new meaning and renews my mind everyday with his love. My enemies can’t defeat me as long as Jesus is my shield. God said let there be light, my momma didn’t believe me but I told her I’m going to shine bright. As I say goodbye to the old me and watch the new me emerge into the fearless women he created me to be. All the human beings he created in this world might not be perfect as a whole but as an individual you have the power to walk near perfection with Him.

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