Some people walk around life wishing for things. Don’t lie, we’ve all been there… I wish for a better house. I wish my job would pay more. I wish I didn’t have to do all these things. I wish I was rich. I wish, I wish, I wish, etc. Truth is life is not about wishing for things, it’s about manifesting what you truly want. Nobody is going to give you the life you deserve unless you walk in the step the Lord has ordered for us. Instead of wishing for a temporary cure for the void you should be wishing Jesus touches your soul.

God will stir things up to get you out of your comfort zone, so He can get us to stop being lazy. He does this so he can push us into our Destiny. As He does this we start exploring ourselves more and stretch out gifts we didn’t even know we had. School doesn’t teach you about survival, life does. You have to be Humble in every situation or life will humble you. Don’t ever say what you will and will not do because you never know what might happen. We are far from perfect but as long as we make the effort to become a better version of ourselves everyday, we are alright. Don’t ever be discouraged by your circumstances, my God is bigger.

Jesus is the real cure. The ultimate cure for every void, every broken heart, every depressed soul, anxious & worried person, etc. Don’t be afraid of the one who’s always there even when you don’t remember Him. Because it’s not like He is not there, we just didn’t seek Him. After all, why do we blame Him at times? I know we’ve all felt like God wasn’t there at some point. Truth is He doesn’t always come when we want Him too, He comes when we are ready for Him. Just like in the Bible Jesus cried when Lazarus died. “ Jesus Wept “ (John 11:35) This is the shortest yet most important verse in the Bible. And it’s actually amazing because He was vulnerable just like us. After all, we are all created in His identity.

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