Everything Happens for a Reason

Everything in life happens for a reason. Every person you meet, place you go to, and circumstances you go through is a part of your life. Certain things are bound to happen to help you grow, this is what you called growing pains. Whenever you get too comfortable in life, God will come and disrupt your life to make you uncomfortable. Why? Because when you get comfortable you stop growing and learning new things. So the uncomfortableness comes and shakes you up to get you moving. I remember when my life was falling apart and my relationship with the father of my son ended. I was so confused and didn’t know why things were happening to me. But after the storm simmered down I understood exactly what God wanted for me. He wanted me to get my peace and life back. I was too busy chasing the wrong things. Too busy making sure somebody else was good instead of making sure I was good. But all thanks to God I am here and I can get through it all. I’m just an ordinary person like everybody else the difference is I get my strength from God. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

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