I trust you Lord

Lord, how do I know I’m moving In the right direction? How do I know I’m living in your will? Am I doing things right? Am I getting closer to you? Are you mad at me Lord? Do I not deserve to be blessed? Have I angered you father? I know it’s not all happiness and I do have to experience pain also. Today was honestly a bad day but it’s not a bad life. My bank account got robbed but God will provide. I cried all morning but I’m better now. Things will be okay, they are always okay. But pain is necessary also because it makes us stronger. Thank you Jesus for everything, I know something greater is coming. Before you reach the stage where blessings rain upon you, we have to experience the stage where the lessons come. Without the lessons we would not be able to appreciate the blessing once God gives them to us. Jesus I know you died on the cross for us, you didn’t have to but because you were self less, we were able to gain the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will always guide you right, you know that uneasy feeling you get once you feel something isn’t right? Yeah, that’s the Holy Spirit. It’s easier for us to fall into temptation because it’s the devil’s world and our body’s are automatically programmed to sin. It is the devils job to stop us from what God has for us. That is why when it seems like everything is falling apart that is just God testing our Faith and the devil trying his best. Remember your current circumstances do not determine the plans God has for you. He lives in another dimension, He can do the unimaginable and change things in a matter of seconds. All in all, I might have all these questions at times but I trust in you Lord.

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