The Streets

The streets were designed to move you away from God and His purpose for you. You cannot Love God and “sell drugs”, “rob” and do “Ungodly things”. You can’t blame Him when things go wrong and you’re living in that lifestyle. You’re living in YOUR WILL you’re NOT living in HIS WILL for you. Anything God leads you to do will always succeed. “The plans God makes are wise, and they always succeed.” (Isaiah 28:29) So before you blame God for anything ask yourself is it HIS will for you or what YOU want for yourself. You cannot be living in the devil’s territory and then wonder why you cannot hear God’s voice. It’s so easy to blame God for the choices that we make. Not realizing He gives us the way but we choose the path. Every grown male in my family chose the streets. I am the first to graduate from high school. I could have chosen the streets so easily because it was so familiar but no I didn’t feel like that was for me. Even though I didn’t know I was from God, I always had His ways.

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