The same things have been happening and passed on in my family from generation to generation. My family is very sick in the mind. When I was younger my cousins used to try to molest me and my other cousins. My brother did things no brother should do to his sister. But the crazy part is that before me similar things had happened to my mom and aunts. My mom and aunts got molested by their dad and brother. Funny, how it took 22 years for this truth to come to light. I wish they would have protected us, and told us about what they had gone through. I know they probably felt ashamed and that’s why they hid it but it could have helped me understand a lot. God gives you life experiences so you can help others and help prevent the same things from happening to somebody else. In order to appreciate where you are in life you can not hate the experiences that have shaped you. But everything stops here with me, I’m the chosen one. God has chosen me to break the generational curses. I will tell my kids all about my life and my trials and tribulations so they can know they are not alone in the wilderness. I don’t ever want my kids to feel like they have to go through the wilderness alone.

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