Self Love

Self love is the best love. I wish somebody would have taught me this growing up. I literally had nobody’s guidance but my own growing up. Yet, I’ve never been alone because God has been with me always. Every time I got into a relationship I’ve always put them first and forgot to give myself the same love I give out. I lost myself making sure others found themselves. I was so busy trying to make sure everybody else was okay but who was making sure I’m good? All my life I’ve watched how the women in my life put men before themselves and their kids. My mother is one of those women. I love my mother but we do not get along. We have different views in life and I do not want to be like her. I want to grow up to have a different lifestyle and I want to be there for my son. I want to teach him how to love himself so he doesn’t ever lose himself in somebody else. I had to get my self love back so I can pour out all my love unto my son. So, when my son grows up to be a man of God he already knows how to love and doesn’t need to go out into this world angry and hurting others. Nobody is ever going to love us more than God. However, in this world nobody is going to love you more than yourself. Make sure you pour into yourself before pouring into others. Because it is like having two cups, one is full and one is empty… You’re just pouring from your full cup into the empty cup and sooner than later your cup is going to be empty, while their cup is full.

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