We are the CHURCH!

I don’t understand the different types of religion. Ever since my Lord Jesus saved me people ask me “what do you identify with?” I know they are waiting for me to say something like “I’m a “Christian” or “Catholic”, etc but I won’t. I say “I’m a follower of Jesus Christ.” Truthfully what’s the point in the different types of religion if we are all pursuing GOD? I believe religions were just created to create division amongst God’s people. We should put the religions to the side and come together because it’s all about creating a personal relationship with Jesus. He is our friend and wants us to be happy all the time not just when you need Him. He’s peace to our madness and light to our darkness. He died for us on the cross and committed not one Sin. People persecuted our savior for spreading the Gospel.

Stop waiting for help and be the help you need. Everything that we need to succeed in life God has already equipped us with. We possess everything we need inside of us. We need to go to church because that is God’s house. Yet, to spread and hear the Gospel we don’t really need the church. This is why we are created, to spread the Gospel, to be the church. WE ARE THE CHURCH and our bodies are temples! Everything had to happen this year so the world can open its eyes. Jesus is coming soon, I don’t know how soon but I rather start changing my life around now. This is the beauty of it all not knowing but still believing. If we knew when He was coming you think people would repent and confess their sins sincerely? Human sin is at an all time high that toxic is the new normal and healing is rare.

Now I understand why so many people that grow up in religious households turn away from God. It is because people are no longer really putting their faith into action. You can know every scripture in the Bible but it’s insignificant if you are not applying it to your life. You can’t expect someone else to live by laws you’re not applying to your own life. First practice what you preach so when you preach others can see you belong to God. So, they can see you are a testimony, and if Jesus did it for you, He can do it for them too. Growing up nobody sat me down and taught me about God and all the wonderful things Jesus can do for us. My grandma has an open bible on her dresser but you could tell it was just for decoration and she didn’t read it. She only cares about the money and would always be yelling and cursing.

The change I want to see must first begin in me. Hence, I never knew God until now because I didn’t see Him in my family growing up. We have to go through the process of getting broken so Jesus can put us back together. To know God the right way it’s a mission that we have to take on our own. We have to be made brand new, Jesus will break off any branch in us that is not of Him and wash away all of our sins. “He breaks off every branch in me that does not bear fruit, and he prunes every branch that does bear fruit, so that it will be clean and bear more fruit.” (‭‭John‬ ‭15:2‬ ‭GNT‬‬) I’m the chosen one, the black sheep. I’m here to break generational curses and live a life people think is impossible. I’m here to bring Faith. I’m here to spread the Gospel and gather as many people for the Kingdom of God.

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