Social Media

Social media has corrupted the world. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc have become so obsessive that kids would spend hours on it. I’m going to try this thing where I stay off social media for a while so I can focus more on my gift. Social media will have you thinking you are moving at a slower pace in life than others. In reality we can not compare each other or our progress because God has a timing for it all. If we become jealous of others, God is not going to bless us. Social media was created to communicate with others worldwide. Yet the use of it has become the total opposite. Nowadays everybody just wants to get famous. Honestly not to knock anyone’s hustle but I want to be genuinely happy in life. My mother always made sure I was good financially so money does not impress me. In a broken world full of pain I’m just trying to bring a little bit of light. Social media is the biggest platform to influence so I’m going to use my power for the good of God. What better way than to spread the Gospel?

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