Story Time

Don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do unto you. – Confucius

Once upon a time there was this guy who got played for playing others, let’s call this guy Miguel. Well Miguel had it all.. the girl, job, car, apartment, etc. The problem with Miguel was that He looked good and because of this he thought the world belonged at his feet. He did what he wanted and had a disregard for others emotions. His girl, let’s call her Maria, knew him better than he knew himself. Miguel was always hanging around the wrong people and getting into trouble. She was always making sure he was good yet Miguel broke her heart about a million times. She loved Him and believed he could be a better man. However every time they faced major problems Miguel always ran to other girls instead of God.

Maria lost herself along the way because she was always putting Miguel’s happiness and needs first. Maria would cry and stress over him until she realized she was the prize. Funny thing was that life was about to do a whole 360 and he would sow what he reaped. Last time Miguel and Maria broke up Miguel did something that had opened Maria’s eyes for good. Maria needed time away so she left to be with her family. While she was gone Miguel had another girl in their house, let’s call her experiment. When Maria came back to the home they had shared together Miguel had the experiments furniture in there. When Maria found all this out she was furious because a home is supposed to be a sacred place.

Miguel crosses a boundary he never should have. In return God works in mysterious ways and always had Maria’s back. Good thing Miguel came clean on his own before Maria went back to their home. Experiment was buying him furniture, offering him money, and doing all these thing when the crazy part was Miguel did not have sex with this girl. What was so crazy was that this girl had her own hidden agenda. Maria didn’t believe Miguel when he said he didn’t had sex with experiment until she remembered he said she lived with her parents. Finally the pieces clicked for Maria and she realized the girl tried to use Miguel to move in. She saw a good looking guy with an apartment and thought that was her way out.

Miguel had never been more embarrassed. This story goes to show you can not be in this world projecting pain onto others and think you’re going to live a happy life. Every tear a woman cries because of a man, God counts them. God created Eve by pulling her out of Adam’s rib. The woman was created so Adam would not be alone. Nowadays society has this concept where men “test” women. They put women through he** to see how “loyal” she can be. Let me tell the guys something: y’all are not God to test people. Women were created to be your other half not your servants. Y’all can’t be clowns demanding a crown, act as a king and you will be treated as such. Women are not obligated to give anything but kindness before marriage.

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