I forgot to Mention

At what point in my life did I become so accessible to people? I noticed because I’m nice people think they can just walk all over me. Or maybe because I’m “young” and people think I don’t know what I’m talking about. Yet, you don’t have to be old to gain experience, pain will make you grow. Yes I’m smart but my intelligence doesn’t stop me from getting hurt. I’ll take it because God is strengthening me in ways only He knows.

Sometimes something’s do not change because God is trying to change us. For instance, I’m working on not saying everything that comes to my mind. To be more precise I’m working on saying things “nicer”. Y’all I choose not to lie so I can be brutally honest at times. Because of this people might get offended or think I’m angry when I’m not. Sometimes you have to deal with things from a different perspective for the sake of your own peace.

I’m working on staying quiet at times, there was a point in time when I was mastering that but I let the world get to me. Anyways I’m getting back to me. I’ve been neglecting myself. Eric Thomas, a phenomenal motivational speaker, said in one of his videos “we love others unconditionally but conditionally love ourselves.” Why don’t we sometimes give ourselves the same love we give others? The change we want to see starts from within.

Today as I was in the bathroom a fly appeared out of nowhere. Instead of chasing it like I always do, I just let the fly come closer to me. When it was close enough to kill it I did just that and did not miss. This applies to real life. We are so busy chasing the things and people in our life that sometimes we forget God always turns things around in our favor. Instead of rushing we need to let God do His job because what is for us will be for us and what is not He removes.

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