Big Storm

This is a big storm I am in. After three years I had no other choice but to break up with a person I thought loved me. He’s going back to his hometown and I’m staying in California. I can’t force someone to give me the things I know I deserve. I gave my all only to be used by the person I thought was here for me. He always did what he wanted and I was always stuck in the house with my son. I have no job and my unemployment is not enough for my bills alone. I have some money saved up but until when. I can’t even apply for jobs because who’s going to watch my son? I’ve always been a single mom even in a relationship. My mom lives in California but I can’t ask her for help because she won’t help me. I’m not surprised though because I raised myself. 

I honestly don’t have anybody but the Lord is on my side. God is the only one that always comes to my rescue. I’ve been in survival mode for the longest because this world is so selfish. I had to open my eyes, start living and cut off what was draining me. I don’t know what I’m going to do but I trust in you Lord. All you need is one day to change my life around Jesus… I’m going to become a lender not a borrower. I can feel great things are coming my way but first I must endure this storm. Dear God, come show your favor through my life as only you can. Anything that’s not for me rebuke it, let thy will be done. Please bless my financial situation Lord. You’ve done it once and can do it again. In Jesus name, Amen. I’m grateful for you God and all the chances you give me.

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