I asked God for so many affirmations on my current situation. I wanted this so bad. I don’t know why I kept on wanting my relationship to work. I was the only one always trying. You shouldn’t have to always tell a person how to treat you. Money never impressed me because I saw what it did to my family. However, being taken out on dates, attention, support and other things would have been nice. The little things matter, never brush off anything that bothers you. If something doesn’t feel right don’t try to force it, just let it be. The man God has for you will motivate you not break you down. Honestly I feel used… I was trying to hold on to someone that was never holding on to me to start with. These three years have been crazy. So much occurred that I had no other choice but to grow in so many ways. This last hurt was my last hurt and I’m coming back better than before. No man is getting wifey treatment if they are not my husband. My goal is to be happily married. I know you have to experience the bad times before the good times. I trust God will deliver me from everything. Thank you in advance Father.

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