Don’t let “Unconditional Love” Be the Reason You Get Used

If you feel like you have to change your appearance to please your significant other then you are with the wrong one. If you feel insecure around somebody you’re supposed to be spending your life with you should find someone else that makes you feel secure. Don’t let unconditional love be the reason why you get used. Before you get married you should make sure the person you are with has all the qualities you need. You shouldn’t have to train a person and if you’re waiting for something to change maybe you should change the situation.

God wants us to be in equally yoked relationships… meaning our soulmate is already everything we need. However, before we can get what we need we often have to give up what we want. There’s a love you’re going to want that is not the best for you and that is the one you have to give back to God. Oftentimes people end up stuck with this love for fear there is not better out there. Yet let me tell you there’s a love out there that will need you just as much as you need it. This is the one that finds you unexpected and loves you for you and everything that you are.

Also, this pertains to any other type of relationships in your life. If you do more than others in your friendships you need to get new friends. Your friends are supposed to motivate you to do good and support you in every way. Don’t get stuck in the type of friendships where you are the one always giving. There’s people out here that are leeches and just want to feed off you. There’s people out here that will secretly be in competition with you, but you wouldn’t know because they act like they are your friends. Years do not make a friendship, loyalty and respect does. 

This applies to family also, don’t let blood make you unloyal to yourself. Blood is not always thicker than water. Sometimes your family would be the first ones praying and wishing on your downfall. If something feels off in any relationship you should trust it. Do not brush it off because in the long run you might regret it. Every relationship in your life should be 100/100 not 50/50 or 75/25. Meaning you both are whole putting into each other. Yes there will be days where it will be 50/50 or 75/25 but it shouldn’t feel like that all the time. Protect your mind, body and energy at all times.

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