Tips on How to Achieve Your Goals Faster

God still has four months left to show out in your life for 2020:

1. Believe/ Have Faith

2. Pray God Opens Your Eyes (See in the Spirit)

3. You have to have Soul

  • Be your own person
  • Don’t copy anybody else

~ You cannot fear and have faith

~ Do not let your current circumstances affect your view on the future 

~ Believe what you want is already yours and it shall be

*If your life is a mess that is because that is what you have believed*

~ Trust the Lord and do not lean on your own understanding 

~ Do not be afraid of this who are with us is more than this who are with them

~ When you have faith in God you shouldn’t have worries, fear, negative thoughts, etc.

  • not that they won’t come but you shouldn’t dwell on them

~ Just believe God is who He says He is and can do abundantly above all we may ask

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