I feel old but I’m not

You know what automatically soothes my spirit? Gospel music and I literally listen to it all day because it takes all my bad thoughts away and at the same time I praise God. I know I’m only 23 but I feel like an old soul. I’m not really into all these new things in this generation. I don’t like to party or drink. I’m not into makeup really or all that stuff. I rather be inside than outside but I’m starting to get out my shell now. Further on, I’m starting to dislike this new generation’s music. They don’t sing about anything productive. Honestly most of  these people sing about the same things girls/boys, drugs and sex… you can tell what type of relationship a person has with God by what they sing about. 

If you ask me I think the music industry is run by the devil because the songs that will help you feel better are not really praised but the songs that will condone bad stuff are the most listened to. Lately all I hear in songs is people talking about demons and the devil like nobody is trying to hear any of that. This generation is trying to seem “hard” and little do they know they are creating their own pain. This generation needs to be quiet, step up and conquer their demons so they can move past their pain. The world belongs to the future and we are brewing the next generations. It’s okay to sing one song about a particular event in your life but not like 20 songs singing about the same thing just wording it differently. Learn to get past your pain and turn that pain into power not pain into more pain.

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