Dear Future Husband,

The world may not be perfect but in God’s world everything is perfect. We’re the perfect two, you’re the ying to my yang. We’re not there yet but we’re closer to the finish line. I don’t know who you are yet but always remember to put God before us. I’m not scared to love again if anything this time around I want to give my heart to the man God has for me and that will be you. Honestly you have to love God more than me (even though I don’t think that’s possible) because I LOVEEEEE my father so let’s see how strong your faith is. I know sometimes I might be a little difficult and hard to love… I pray we always communicate with each other, that no matter what emotions come we express ourselves. I pray you always run to God and not nobody else. I’m really a ride or die but my heart has been broken repeatedly.

Only God can heal a broken heart. Work with me, I’m not perfect and I get angry over the smallest things. Not because they don’t matter to you but because they matter to me. So please always be kind to me, respect me, listen to me. Don’t do to me what you would not like done to you. We will always keep God front and center. I promise to love and support you. I pray you’ll bring God into all our happy and sad moments. I’m praying for you soulmate wherever you are. Without him there will be no us. When I find you I’ll know and you’ll know too. There will be no doubts because we will know that this is exactly how it was always supposed to be, he chose us ‘two’ to be one.

Sincerely, Your Loving Future Wife

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