Distractions Destroy Destiny

Distractions are a tactic the devil can use to try to get you off course from your destiny. Imagine you have to get on a flight at 9:00am in the morning to Miami to attend a very important meeting. This meeting can either make or break your career. However, on your way to the airport you decided that you wanted to stop and get some breakfast. The place you decided to stop at was full and you had to wait. Little did you know that stop would prevent you from reaching the airport on time. By the time you arrived at the airport it was 9:05… You wouldn’t have been able to get through the security check on time and you missed your flight by five minutes. Moral of the story is manage your time wisely.

The one thing in this world that is irreplaceable but we all get the same amount of is time. Get from point A to B without adding C, D, E and more. One little detour might delay you or make you miss your destiny. You don’t want to grow old and regret not walking in God’s destiny for you. Don’t you want to do things that may seem impossible to achieve? God will show us things we never imagined. We make our own choices at the end of the day. The majority of the things that happen to us are a consequence of the decisions we make. Don’t get distracted with the little things because you might miss the big things: big opportunities, big blessings, and more. A distraction can be as little as picking up a phone call. Stay motivated and stay focused.

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