Wait a Minute

Jacob was going to bless Joseph’s two sons Manasseh and Ephraim. Instead of giving Manasseh the oldest a double portion He blessed the younger brother Ephraim with it. Joseph was upset when he saw what his father Jacob had done because he wanted the first born to receive it. But Jacob did this intentionally to prove the point that even though if Ephraim didn’t deserve it, God will still favor you. Jacob bypassed the tradition and did something out of the ordinary. Just like Jacob did, God can also bless you like that.

God will bless you with a double portion despite what anyone thinks. I definitely can relate to this story because I am the second out of four children. My older brother chose a path of destruction and my family worships other idols. But I genuinely believe the Lord chose me to stop these generational curses. Even though I might not deserve it or was not born in the right position… God still chose me to start generational blessings. Despite my past and the sins I have committed, God is still going to use me for the greater good of His purpose.

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