Anthony Walker

I just got done watching this movie called Anthony. It was about this African American boy named Anthony Walker that got killed with an ice pick by two white men. He was minding His business and was at a bus stop when this one man started being racist towards him. One of the white men started to strangle him and Anthony tried defending himself when the other men jabbed the ice pick right in his head. I wanted to cry with the mother when she received that call. She had big faith and was praying for her son. She prayed and prayed but God had a bigger purpose for him. He died in July 2005 now 15 years later His name will be known and this is His destiny. 

This boy had His whole life ahead of Him and just wanted to be a lawyer. He was only eighteen years old. I have a son and this really hurt my heart. My spirit felt so uneasy and sad. Racism needs to stop and it’s something I won’t ever understand. Color doesn’t matter and when we die we all look the same: lifeless. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, yellow, blue or purple, we are all one in Christ. The weakest person is the one that takes away another life when they didn’t give it. God gave life and He is the only one who can take it away. This world makes me sick. Jesus please take all these sins away from the world. Jesus please heal your people. You are the only one that can.


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