Fasting: Day 2

I gave up food for three days. I promised my father to Fast 3 days with NO FOOD. Then I would do the Daniel fast or intermediate fasting and do another 3 days without food in between. All in all I’m striving to do a month of fasting. I’m on the second day of no food and I just keep thinking of food. This is kind of funny but sad for me at the same time. It’s kind of sad because I love food but I LOVE my Father even more. Pictures of food keep popping up so I know the devil keeps trying to tempt me. Every time my mind says “just eat” I laugh and say “ No I’m stronger than this.” I get scared of the thought of eating when I already promised my Father this. I fear my Father and brother Jesus more than not eating. One thing I do know for sure is that I’m giving up pork completely and incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my diet.

Growing up my mom always used to have unhealthy food around: a lot of snacks, soda, etc. I remember when I was younger and had to be the mom. I had to take care of my siblings and literally had no childhood because I couldn’t go anywhere if I didn’t take them. That’s not the point but before I taught myself how to cook my mom would always leave me 20 dollars to buy food. I faithfully either brough dominos or Chinese food for us everyday. If I ordered dominos I would eat a whole pizza box for myself and my sibling shared one and each got half. I didn’t really have to drink water so I was always drinking juice or soda. I never ate vegetables. Growing up I see how unhealthy these habits are and how hard it is to transition into eating healthy. But if I love my life and value the temple my Father gave me I have to change a lot of things.

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