People Rather Be Deceived Than Saved

If I was talking about nonsense people would probably listen but since I’m talking about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit people want to turn a blind eye. Guess what? My love for my Father, Brother and the Holy Spirit will be known through me for as long as I live. They honestly changed my life for the better. I don’t care about the views or being “known” as long as my Father knows me that’s all that matters. I don’t need fame or money because that didn’t ever fill me. Jesus fills me and always makes a way for me whether I have 1 dollar or 100 dollars. But people will choose to like you or not based on if you have 1 dollar or a billion dollars. When did everything become so materialistic? 

People can live in pain but then wonder why they are never at peace. People can look at someone else struggling and not help. People can have it all; money, houses, cars, etc and still be miserable. Why is this you ask? Because of that void humanity keeps trying to fill with everything but God. Christ will never let you run empty and He will take all your worries away. Why do you think a poor person with the little bit they have is 10 times happier than a rich person? Yes money might be their biggest problem but they are rich in Christ and God is their solution. The solution for people with money is money… but money doesn’t mean anything when it’s your spirit crying for help.

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