We live in a society where people comparing each other is more common than people applauding each other. Let me tell you how you shouldn’t do that because in the end you’re only hurting yourself. Comparison will rob you of yourself. I remember before I got into my last relationship, I was so confident in myself. I had no room in my heart for ugly traits. But little did I know I was in a relationship with a narcissistic who was going to break me down and kill my confidence. While in that toxic relationship I always had to worry about other girls… I wasn’t even this guy’s type. As a result I started losing myself and felt so insecure that I would always compare myself to others.

However, my Father and my Brother Jesus rescued me before I lost myself for good. Now y’all see why I’m so thankful for them? They continuously keep on protecting me. How can I not dedicate my life to them? But anyways I had to realize who I was again. I vowed I won’t ever stoop that low for nobody ever again. I thought it was love but it wasn’t. I was loving him while he was too busy loving himself and the world. I know my King is out there. I won’t give up on love. I had to experience bad taste to appreciate the good. Everything won’t be one sided because my efforts will be reciprocated. I won’t have to give him chance after chance because he would already know my value.

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