It’s All Planned

I have been saying the Coronavirus has been planned. But today I came upon a quarter I didn’t even know I had in my possession. This definitely confirms my theory. This fruit bat quarter came out in February before the “outbreak”. But what can we expect if the devil runs the government. All that power makes people greedy. Who knows all the secrets they keep from the world. I believe they have a lot of hidden resources that could help the people.

Yes the Bible said these things will happen but God didn’t tell us how. God knew the people would destroy each other all by themselves. He knew the world was so wicked and full of sin that people would focus on carnal matters instead of focusing on the spirit. The BLM movement is also planned. All these cops targeting one race are planned to create violence and division amongst the people. Everything is literally all planned out. 

The government is wicked, this world is wicked. They create and manipulate things to wipe out people. They are up to something and I feel like it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. Do y’all not see everything going on? A pandemic, racial division, kids trafficking, etc. The end times will be here before we know it and people need to repent and confess their sins. Jesus is not stepping in until the last minute, He is giving us time but time is running out.

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