God is waiting on Us

Everything we pray for is already ours. We might not see any results because we ask like it is not ours. But our destiny, breakthroughs, favor, blessings, etc has already been ours since birth. We prolonged the process by the perspective we use. We don’t have to beat ourselves up because all these things follow us wherever we go. We are already highly favored. The breakthrough is here. I am healed. Etc…

We don’t have to stress over what Jesus can do in our life’s because it is already done. What is for us is for us and nobody or anything can stop that. Sometimes we get in our own way. When we think we are not worthy we are delaying the process. We might think we are waiting on God but in reality He is waiting on us. It is not supposed to be hard. Next time you pray, believe with your heart that it is already yours.

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