Jesus the Light of the World

I have these candles in my bathroom with scripture on them. The room had no light but when I lit them they brought light to the dark room. Just like that Jesus brings light into our darkness. The times when we feel the most alone are the times when He is there with us the most. Lately I felt as if God had abandoned me but I needed to take a time out from the world and get myself into that alone time with Him. I needed to get out the natural and walk in the spirit. I needed to feed my soul with the Holy words. My soul is yearning for God more than ever. I want to hear from God more than ever. 

I know I’m not the only one feeling like this. However, Sometimes we need to be still while we wait on God. Sometimes the bigger the wait the bigger the blessing. We must not make any decisions that we will regret later. We must yield and wait until Jesus gives us the green light. We must thank that when we are making irrational decisions our spirit will feel uneasy. On the contrary when we are moving in the right path we will feel peace in our spirit. We must follow the Holy Spirit because It is what will guide us in life. Jesus did not die in vain for us. He does for our sins and so wean her the Holy Spirit to lead us in return.

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