Only Yeshua Has The Keys

Whatever door Yeshua opens nobody can close and whatever door Yeshua closes nobody can open. (Revelation 3:7) Don’t dwell on the things you cannot change instead thank God for it all no matter the good or bad. Remember a closed door makes room for something better and open doors are already yours. You don’t have to fight the enemy for what is already yours, just walk through the door. Take authority over your life because you have the power with your tongue. I find it so amazing that nothing nor anybody can go against our savior Jesus. Whatever He commands must come to fruition. God’s promises to us never fail. If He said it will happen then expect it to happen. The only person that can get in your way is yourself. Our lack of discernment and disbelief would be the only downfall to our dreams. God doesn’t only want His will for our lives He also wants to give us things in our hearts desire. The little things you think don’t matter are the very things Jesus wants to give you. Don’t doubt yourself, read the word and God will lead you through the doors.

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