The Little Things Matter

You ever felt not good enough. You know God has called you for something great but you doubt yourself. You shrink yourself down because others talk down on you. You feel less than what you are because the people you care about are the first ones to not believe in you. The people close to you are the first ones to try to stop you from reaching your destiny. The people close to you are the first ones to cast you out and bring disbelief upon your life. But let me tell you how the enemy can use anybody to try to stop you when you are close to your breakthrough. That very thing you feel unworthy of is the very thing God is going to use to elevate you. The thing you feel like is so small and why would nobody care about us the very thing that can bring you to the next level. What is little to us is big to Yahweh. I was feeling like I shouldn’t continue something I had going for myself. But let me tell you how greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. (John 4:4) Don’t ever give up, show up and show up as yourself. Don’t try to be like anybody else because Yahweh has equipped you to fight this battle as you are. Defeat your Goliath because after you defeat your giants you will walk right into what Yeshua has for you. Look at David He was so small compared to Goliath nobody believed He could do it… but he sure defeated that giant and became King and way much more after that. I’m ready for battle, I came here to fight everything that’s against my odds because the victory is already mine.

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