Old Journals

Today I realized everything I was looking for and was looking for an answer to, I already had in one of my old Journals. When I first began my journey with Christ I wrote down all these helpful notes that will help me. Then as life started to happen and things just started coming down I deviated from those things for a while. I haven’t opened that book and read it in sincerity in a while. I realized I had everything in there to renew my hope in things I forgot I wanted. God’s promises for my life are in that journal. Things to help me grow stronger and walk in my destiny without fear. As I ask for more revelation on things God keeps on giving me more understanding on this I never knew existed. I don’t feel as strong as I used to be in my walk because I stopped doing certain things that were very significant to my walk. Praise Yeshua, Praise Yahweh. I know what I have to do to get back on track. So if you are feeling like I was a while back: stuck. Just look back through old journals and books… maybe the answers you are looking for are in there. Most importantly read the Bible, the word of God is something that never changes. He talks to us through biblical form most of the time. Just as for revelation and discernment and the Holy Spirit will reveal things to you, you never knew about yourself.

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