Beware: Dreams Where You Are Eating

Dreams where you are eating are an indication of witchcraft and spiritual attacks. Before anything can come to fruition in the natural world it first has to take please in the spirit realm. The food that you eat in the dream is not really good but spirits attached to them that are trying to make covenants with you to delay or stop you from reaching a certain milestone in life. These could be a spirit of poverty or lack, a spirit of infirmity or sickness. The way you would know is by what is going on in your natural life. The things happening to you will help you determine the spirit that is attached to your life trying to cause havoc.

If a spirit of poverty is attached to you the way you can tell is because you never have enough money or you are always borrowing, etc. The way you can tell you have a spirit of infirmity is if you have a sickness in your body. The way to defeat these things is by praying a spiritual warfare prayer against the specific spirit with the word of God. Don’t be afraid because God has already defeated these things in the spirit realm but we need to come into agreement with God’s covenant for our life to be able to destroy them. We have to feed our spirit man with the word to make it strong.

These dreams mostly occur when you are fasting. I’ve been having dreams lately where I’m eating and something didn’t feel right. If you experience these dreams as soon as you wake up, reject, renounce, and denounce these covenants because if you don’t something bad can manifest in your natural life. If you want to know more please go watch this video on YouTube by Kevin LA Ewing called “The spiritual implications of eating in a dream.” Please do not be ignorant because your life could be in jeopardy. Do not fear and remember “No weapon Formed against you shall prosper.” (Isaiah 54:17)

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