Beware: Dreaming of the Deceased

When you have a dream of a dead relative, friend or someone you know beware because it is not really them. It is a familiar spirit masquerading as them to bring delay. When there is a blessing coming for you these spirits come into your dreams to try to block whatever blessing God has for you. These are anti-progress spirits not the people you once knew. They masquerade as them to try to gain your trust and to get you to conspire with them against your own demise. If you wonder why things seem to always be stagnant this might be your answer. Please don’t be ignorant and inform yourself. For more information on this please watch this YouTube video by Kevin L.A Ewing called “Dreaming of The Dead/Familiar Spirits”. Always remember “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” (Isaiah 54:17)

Here’s the Link to the Video:

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