Jesus Saves

We have a savior that is always waiting for us with open arms no matter how many times we mess up. I’m a living witness of His grace and mercy. I messed up and got it wrong so many times throughout my life but He never gave up on me. He saved me from destruction and most of all from myself. My attitude was my biggest problem. I used to have this very smart mouth where I didn’t like to be bothered or messed with. If you came at me the wrong way I would go zero to one hundred real fast. I didn’t like anybody telling me what to do and most things had to be my way or the highway. He humbled me because I was very proud. I had to realize I couldn’t do everything on my own and that most of all I needed Him to lead me. 

When I led myself all I did was lead myself to destruction. I could have lost my mind a long time ago but Jehovah our savior saved me. I went looking for love in all the wrong places when the Lord’s love was always right here waiting for me. I had to put my old ways and life behind so I can see myself how Jesus sees me. He’s always waiting for us to turn to Him. Time after time even after we disregard Him and put other things above Him. Oh how magnificent is the God and Jesus we serve! I don’t think I’ll be alive if it wasn’t for them. Imagine all the things they have saved us from that we don’t know of. All the bad habits, people, places, things, and more we have no idea about. Stop and think about it and then thank them…

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